Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hey guys,

I will try to update one of these days . I haven't been cooking/baking anything nice lately nor have I been out for dinner to new restaurants; just the regular ones which I've probably already covered at some point or other!

I have a new hobby/toy/ thing to love haha and I spend almost all my time caring for it;-) Meet my new baby:

Because this is a food blog, I should probably try to include something about food- even if it's not the kind humans consume. The cats eat Orijen, which consists of 80% meat (the best you can find). I do mix Royal Canin Kitten 36 because we still have 2 small bags left (the kitten definitely prefers this but it only has over 30% meat and grains-which is bad for your cat-). For wet, we feed a combination of Bozita, Animonda Carny and Carnibest (which was not a success but I think that's because the only flavour left at the store is the most unpopular amongst cats). For a snack/treat, they get Gimpet Baby Tabs, some dried chicken breasts (free, actually meant for dogs:-P ), some smelly kitty bits (which they love, also free), Gimpet Grass Bits and the occassional piece or two of raw chicken (their most favourite thing in the world!).

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Salmon & Watercress Quiche

Hello girls!

Exams start tomorrow. Ergo, this blog will be updated again;-)
Recipe (adapted from BBC Good Food, May 2011)

350g plain flour
1tsp salt
140g cold butter,cubed
4 tbs cold water

1 bag/bunch watercress, chopped
200g smoked salmon, shredded to bite sized pieces
2 tbs dill
5 eggs
100ml full fat milk
250ml cream

1. Sift flour and salt and rub butter into the mixture until it looks like a crumble. Then, add the water until the dough sticks together into one big lump. Leave in fridge for 15 minutes.

2. Then, take the dough out and roll and line in ramekins/ cupcake tins/ disposable cupcake liners (or just 1 large tart tin) and fill with baking beans. Bake for 20 minutes in a 180C oven. Then, remove the baking beans and bake for another 5 minutes at 160C until golden. If you want a professional looking tart, trim your pastry now.

3. Spread the watercress and smoked salmon evenly on your pastry. Then, whisk the beaten eggs, dill, milk and cream together with some pepper. Don't bother adding salt into the mixture because the smoked salmon is salty enough!

4. Pour mixture into the pastry cases and bake (again, at 180C) for about 35 minutes (until top is golden brown and set).


I'm not really a quiche person but this is great as picnic food or when you have to feed a mixed crowd.