Saturday, 14 April 2012


I am horrible at this blog thing, aren't I?:D

I don't have any pictures of food. Heck, I haven't even really cooked anything proper for a long time. I just have zero motivation to make anything nice! Not to mention, my diet started last week so everything I want to make, I can't eat so what is the point, really? Haha

We're almost done with the wedding. We are SO looking forward to the holiday! I am enjoying my job but it is somewhat difficult (in a nice way but also the pressure to perform is....) and is bloody faraway from where I live. I spend half my day commuting. Wedding planning itself is just..painful. The nice bits are picking out your dress, flowers, the venue.. that kind of thing. Everything else is just sh*t really.

The venue annoys me to death. Everything has a ridiculous price tag but we don't have a choice because we've commited. So right, somehow a 40-person wedding is going to cost us RM100 000. Looking at it in Ringgit terms is giving me a heart attack ugh. It's not like it's even fancy! My shoes are from China! Our band is dinky! My earrings aren't even diamonds! We don't even get a honeymoon! Hahaha I have to laugh just thinking of the band, sorry:-P

All in all, I AM excited though. I just hope it won't rain and that no one gets hurt/misses their flights/ loses their luggage/ ill etc. I try not to be such a Debbie Downer but I really wish we had eloped just so I don't have to worry about our guests...

Right..bedtime. Night!