Sunday, 28 February 2010

Yes, even MORE pictures!

I'm kinda bummed out because despite earning practically nothing last year, I still somehow owe the Tax Office over 500 euros. Meh. Perhaps it's just really financially smarter to just not have a part-time job at all.

On a different matter, Dutchman and I had dinner with a couple yesterday. Dutchman used to play in the sandbox with the guy. They kept in touch over the years and prior to having his latest girlfriend (he's had about 7 since Dutchman and I met!), he came over for dinner or whatever about 3 times a week. I don't mind when he comes over but I really don't enjoy going out with them.

I feel like a bad person saying this but they are different. I don't think he completed high school and they are poor. This means that it's always awkward if we go to restaurants and such. Not only that, I have a constant sense of guilt. I feel it is insensitive to for example, say stuff like "pictures are so much better with the new camera" (or even to mention anything new we'd bought at all!) or that I am looking for an apartment for my study abroad in Prague etc. When we do go out for dinner, we often pay for part of their meals (desserts/starters/coffee/drinks whatever. We do not mind doing this). because they always gripe about having no money (this I find weird because even if they live on welfare which is at least 1600 euro nett a month, they probably spend max 600 euros incl. everything for their home which leaves 1000 euros to spend on everything else which is still quite a lot- certainly much more than what an average student would have!). Then, at the restaurant, they would always declare loudly they would order the cheapest thing on the menu. They're usually the ones who initiate dinner too and the restaurants we go to are only average restaurants; nothing expensive. I guess I just don't understand it. In any event, I told Dutchman that I don't mind if they want to have coffee or whatever at our place but would be nice for them and us if we never went out for anything which requires money again haha.

Right, back to pictures -this time, from my old camera!

Ochien - Oyster Omelette

Yummy Kon Lo Mee along Jalan Bunga Raya

Seafood Tom Yam Mihun from one of the many "kopitiams"

Black Pepper Chicken (sauce not included) at the same kopitiam

4 Seasons

Shark's Fin Soup (not politically correct anymore but is still very yummy. I would be quite happy to drink the soup without the fins though)

Steamed Garoupa with Garlic and Soy Sauce

A Chicken Dish

Bad picture of fatty pork stew with Mantou buns

Shrimps with Oats
Forgot to take pictures of the broccoli with abalone and dessert

That's Dutchman's favourite dinner in Malaysia - Steamboat. He especially liked the beef and lamb (picture not included)


Ate them with chappatis/rotis/puris/tosai etc for breakfast almost every morning! My favourite is fish curry though (picture not shown). I miss Indian breakfasts (well, I guess REAL Indian people probably eat a little healthier and blander breakfasts-i.e. chappatis  and dhall or smth). Dutchman ordered roti telur (egg roti) most of the time. He was astounded by the huge variety of Mamak rotis (roti canai, roti milo, roti planta, roti telor, roti bawang, roti bom etc.). 

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


* I am going to live in Prague, Czech Republic for about 4 months later this year
* Parents might be visiting us in The Netherlands again at the end of 2010
* School is hideously boring
* I have a new babysitting job, in addition to my old one. Both are awesome.

Now, back to food pictures!

 Stir-fried shrimps. No one sitting at my table like shrimps so I had the whole thing to myself

Homemade pickles, Asam Pedas, Itik Tim, Sitr-fried vegetables, Steamed Pomfret (cut off,right)

Sambal belacan, braised turnips (salad leaves to wrap)

 Seh Bak (also dish for sombre occasions)

Something with Shiitake mushrooms. Am not a big fan of shiitakes so didn't bother with it

Pork trotters (I think)


Pong Teh
No Buah Keluak this time because they couldn't remember where they kept the buah keluak;)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Food, Glorious Food

I ate SO much during our holiday. When our Dutch relatives asked us what we did, we couldn't really answer because we didn't do anything much! We didn't visit anywhere exotic and did anything cool like jungle trekking or caving. We just spent time with family and ate. All the time. We ate from the time we woke up right til we went to bed at 3/4a.m. We'd have breakfast, follow my parents while they ran errands and it would be time for us to have lunch (usually at some Kopitiam or other). Then, we'd laze at a mall or at home til it was dinnertime. After dinner, we'd head to my aunt's for some poker (Chinese New Year so everyone gambles), snacking all the way til about 3a.m.. Of course, by 3a.m., we'd be hungry and go have a teh tarik and mamak mee goreng/tandoori chicken.... It's no wonder I put on 2kg in just 9 days.

Oh yeah! First, let me tell you about our surprise! We grabbed a cab from KLIA and arrived at the house but no one, except the maids, was home! Kakak let us in, said parents went out for breakfast so we waited til they came home. No one screamed when they saw us (which we expected because my family's just not like that) but they were happy. Typical Asian style of showing happiness (aiyah," why you waste money to come back"... and similiar to me but they'd tell everyone that their daughter came home for CNY).

Kuih Bangkit (homemade) at grand-uncles house

Chinese New Year was great- less busy than usual but nice anyway. It's funny how many people have died since I moved over 4 years ago. Normally, we'd visit about 8-10 houses but this year, we only went to 3 homes.

Jonker Walk at night

I did not help much with food preparations this time as we were somewhat jet-lagged and Dutchman is from a rather strict Christian family. 

New Year's Eve prayers (ancestors). Nyonya style (much more elaborate than the modern Chinese). Learnt something new from my aunt. Pong Teh (quintessential Nyonya dish) is actually not for celebration but is a food for more sober occassions (mourning, prayers etc.). 

Gotta go to school. Rest will follow!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


May the year of the tiger bring you lots of happiness! 
Just arrived home today. Report of trip will be posted later.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Last Post

before I leave. Very, very excited;) 

Banana cake I baked yesterday with leftovers
Spaghetti with whatever's left in the fridge

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Things are looking up again!

Holiday soon, lots of other things to look forward to!

Angus beef steak
Where I do most of my blogging

Flowers of the week


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Some Food

We FINALLY bought a better camera (Canon EOS 1000d) but all the pictures posted here was taken with my 6-year old Olympus FE-5500 and a lamp (better light. The pictures would be absolutely HORRIBLE otherwise as that digicam is truly terrible- other compact digicams are much better).

Gorgeous butter cake I bought from the bakery. It was so light-like eating a butter vanilla flavoured marshmallow

The best pork I've EVER had. I'm not a big fan of pork but this one was awesome. Better yet, it was cheap! It (pork tenderloin) was on sale at the supermarket. It was already marinated and I didn't expect much- it being from a supermarket and all but it was really good. Tender, flavourful..I was really happy with it. 

Honey Chiffon Cake I baked. Great texture but I didn't like the flavour. It was all cinnamony (no surprise considering the recipe contained cinnamon) whilst I wanted a simple, vanilla-ish honey cake (kind of like a kasutera). This was a bit too grown up for me. 

Chicken risotto

Bummed Out

Everyone lives abroad. It's harder getting people to come together for an event. To maximize attendance, there should be only one big event a year.

Dutchman and I planned on getting married in 2011 but we hadn't really set a date nor have we reserved anything (was considering doing everything after summer this year). Now, my cousin has reserved 2011 (she did discuss this with me and I gave in because after all, she has a proper reason and I don't really mind waiting another year as marrying next year means I'd still be a student).

Now, my brother will probably get married in 2012, which leaves me with 2013. Horrid sounding year. Ugh. Not to mention ages away. I'm grumpy because Dutchman said 2012 is too long already but yet, he didn't want to officially 'book' for 2011 (nothing is fixed until invitations/reservations/official engagement notifications for family members etc. ,right), so I can't blame my brother and cousin for going ahead.

Annoyed. Annoyed. Annoyed.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Has it been quiet or what...

I've been busy- projects, life, cleaning up my pigsty after weeks of living in filth, meeting acquaintances and what-not. I haven't even had time to cook last week. We ate out every single day which totally blew my weekly food budget but at least, my well-rounded tummy was happy :-D

What else:
i) This company called Dining City organizes Restaurant Week twice a year and we take part as often as we can. This time, the in-laws and I had already agreed to reserve spots at a Michelin star restaurant in the city so I've been stalking the website religiously. Today, they published a code which would allow members to reserve early (the good restaurants are snapped up almost immediately) and I came across it just 2 minutes after it went online so I snagged us 10 spots :-D

ii) Parents have zero clue. I feel so naughty.

iii) I really should start concentrating on school.

iv) I like kids but don't want any til I'm ready.

v) We probably aren't getting married til 2012 because my cousin's just announced her 2011 wedding!