Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Sometimes I really hate where I live.

I put my banana plant outside for some sunshine. This stupid plant cost 60 euro so I wanted it to live (it doesn't look very healthy and dad who's wonderful with plants, said it needed some sunshine). Anyhow, I just went outside to receive a package and what do I see...

SOME FUCKER was apparently using my 60 euro banana plant for target practice. I saw rubber bands and my banana plant is all crooked now:(

Monday, 14 September 2009

Bloody Monday

Why do weekends go by so quickly?

A very simple but extremely delicious beef stew (courtesy of Jamie Oliver).

It was meltingly tender. Dutchman who loves all things simple and comforting, was over the moon.

One of our favourite drink-at-home wines was on sale a week or two again. It usually retails for 4,99 euro a bottle but during the promo, it was 2 for the price of 1. We bought 14 bottles so that should last us for quite a bit. Anyhow, the one pictures here is by the same brand but the price is almost double of the other one (8,99 euro) so we decided to give it a try. Hmm, while it WAS good, I think we'll just stick to our normal bottle.

Dessert was yet another favourite of the Dutchman's. He's quite simple,really. Just pick all the old-fashioned Dutch dishes and he'll be happy!

Old-fashioned pudding (Griesmeel)

We hate our kitchen. We think it's the ugliest part of the house but it's not something we can change (rented). A few weeks ago, we bought these stickers but then decided not to put them on as they seemed kind off kitschy but of course, me being Malaysian and him being Dutch, there's at least one thing we share in common and that is "Don't Waste". Instead of throwing the packets away, we decided to try them out and I think it's definitely improved how the kitchen looks! I want to move already so we can decorate some other place ^^ Have to wait for the housing market to settle down first, I guess:/

Sunday, 13 September 2009

As usual

-flowers MIL gave moi

I know, I know. I will update once I find my camera charger.

In the meantime, let's see some random photos I have in my archive;)

Hoge Veluwe- Dutch National Park

Rhinos mating at Burger's Zoo

"Whisper Boat" (Fluisterboot) in Giethoorn

Windmills, Zaanse Schaans

A basilica (St. George, I believe) in Prague

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

2 days

and I'm already sick of school.

Sometimes, being older (24, gawd I'm old) is not fun. I'm no longer interested in partying (at least not everyday or even once a week. Maybe once every month or two!), I can't be bothered with men (already have one so shopping is boring. It's like shopping without any intention of buying anything. BORING!:P).

I'm not the oldest (there's a 45 year old man in the first year)but.. I still feel so much older compared to the 18/19 year olds there.

Sorry, this is supposed to be a food blog ,isn't it? :D

We went out for dinner at Bistro de Bok with the in-laws on Sunday. It was fun actually. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with them.

Some photos of recent dinners: