Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dinner @ a 2-Star Michelin Restaurant

I'd like to apologise for not writing down notes. I've completely forgotten most of them but I can tell you that they were all incredibly yummy!

Goat's cheese, beetroot etc.

Keropok with trout, trout roe etc.

Savoury Meringue, can't quite remember what was in it anymore

A tomato and basil sorbet. Such a classic combination but ridiculously yummy

Don't remember, sorry!
Again, something I don't remember but it was also yummy

The Starter: shrimps, barbecued watermelon etc.

2nd Course- half-eaten. Forgot to take a picture before it was too late. I think it was plaice

Main- duck

Dessert Amuse- a buttermilk sorbet. Very refreshing! Loved it

Goji berry dessert with citrus fruits. Also very good. Apparently goji berries are happy berries which explains the smiley face.

Coffee & friandises   

All in all, an excellent meal. Every single morsel of food was a joy to eat. Service was very good- nice, smooth, everything went well and yet, not painfully formal. They handled our large noisy table very well (I felt sorry for the couples sitting near us). Would definitely go back again.