Monday, 27 August 2012

It's Been A While

By now, I've had plenty of amazing and not-so-amazing meals out, am married and haven't cooked all that much as I just didn't feel like it.

HOWEVER, since last week, I've started cooking again. We still have McDonald's once a week but that beats unhealthy daily take-aways. You know what's funny, despite the McDonald's, KFCs, snack bars and what-not, I didn't put on a single kilo hahaha but for all I know, my arteries are hopelessly clogged.

Dinners last week:

Monday: Barbecue with shrimps, lamb, pork and chicken
Tuesday: Chinese Take-away
Wednesday: Lamb chops (from the same organic butcher), potatoes and a salad
Thursday: Thai Fried Rice
Friday: Really amazing rib-eye steaks from the organic butcher with bread and a salad
Saturday: Macaroni & Cheese (with cauliflower so we can pretend it's healthy)
Sunday: McDonald's ;)

This week:

Today: Baked Chilli & Bean Pasta
Tomorrow: Probably an aubergine mince stir-fry with rice
Wednesday: Probably a veggie lasagna
Thursday: Dinner at a 2-star Michelin restaurant YUMMY!
Other days: will decide later!

I am enjoying not HAVING to do anything and I LOVE living in the center- within a 3 minute or less walk, I have 3 butchers (1 organic-expensive but good-, 1 halal and 1 normal), a green grocer, 2 supermarkets, 1 organic supermarket, a cheese shop, a bakery, a florist, a wine store etc. Love it!