Tuesday, 1 September 2009

2 days

and I'm already sick of school.

Sometimes, being older (24, gawd I'm old) is not fun. I'm no longer interested in partying (at least not everyday or even once a week. Maybe once every month or two!), I can't be bothered with men (already have one so shopping is boring. It's like shopping without any intention of buying anything. BORING!:P).

I'm not the oldest (there's a 45 year old man in the first year)but.. I still feel so much older compared to the 18/19 year olds there.

Sorry, this is supposed to be a food blog ,isn't it? :D

We went out for dinner at Bistro de Bok with the in-laws on Sunday. It was fun actually. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with them.

Some photos of recent dinners:

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