Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Extremely Busy

SO many things to do! 2 'surprise' (craft-ish thing for Sinterklaas) and a diaper cake to be completed (haven't even started!), work, obligatory visits to various acquaintances (NOT fun) and shitloads of assignments/projects for school. Not to mention my trip to Malaysia in 3 weeks, study abroad applications and so forth.

The house is a tip. There hasn't been bread for days. We order in almost every night. I hate living like this- can't relax when I have so much crap to do.

Dinner 2 weeks ago



Dessert ( YUM!)

I'm really looking forward to Malaysia. I need this holiday. The girls and I are going to Pangkor Laut ^^ I *heart* earning in Euro. ^^

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