Monday, 9 February 2009


I need some help. Some important people are coming to my place for dinner next week. I am to cook Malaysian.

Any suggestions on what I should cook??


Mei said...

Nasi lemak?


Butter fragrant rice with steamed chicken?

Sweet sour pork?

The list is endless, wei. XD

Seri Nyonya said...

It's so hard because I have to choose just a few dishes to represent the whole of Malaysia, ya know?!

Lagipun, I have certain limitations. About 4 out of the 5 people are extremely dull (only eat Dutchified Chinese food) so I don't want to alienate them YET I want them to eat the real thing ... haihh

Sweet and sour pork will surely be there lah..just in case no one can eat anything and so far, EVERY single Dutch person I've cooked for will say that their favourite dish of the night is sweet sour pork 0_0

Rendang is quite common here though as the Dutch were in Indonesia for quite some time.

I love kangkung belacan but don't know if there're too many strongly-flavoured dishes (I'm partial to strong flavours!) . Maybe kai lan with sawi instead?

Does ikan bakar go with nasi lemak? Should I make fish curry?

Any other dishes which compliment nasi lemak?

Sorry...ya.. picking dishes which go together ,yet won't be too weird for old-fashioned Dutch people... kepala pusing:P