Monday, 22 June 2009

I obviously

haven't kept my promise;)

I have just been so busy doing nothing, relaxing, enjoying the good life. Dutchman's latest assignment is over so he's now free (and continues to get paid, don't worry) until September.

We drink a lot of wine these days- not to get drunk but just to wind down, relax and talk. We enjoy wine and go through an average of 5 bottles a week.

I love the way we hang out together- talking about our past, present and future, politics, our differing views regarding the world, the going-ons in our lives and yes, to be honest, about other people as well. We play-fight (ie. today we had a Taekwondo-Judo match just because we felt like it!), poke and tease each other and obviously also spend time apart with our respective computers;)

I celebrated my birthday on Friday and had a wonderful time. I doubt the Dutchman would agree though. He'd to fork out a lot of money for dinner only to spend the night puking it out. Apparently, the raw deer didn't quite agree with him. Being Malaysian, my stomach did not complain.

The day started with breakfast by the Dutchman, followed by an exam and then little presents and flowers. This might not be like a big deal for you girls but you have to understand that the Dutchman is not a romantic person and this is probably the first time he has ever celebrated my birthday with me! Then, we went shopping and I was presented with 2 gorgeous dresses for 2 dress-up dos I have to attend next month. The night ended with a great dinner (it was great until he got sick!) lobster mousse, prosecco, red wine, white wine, cod, whitefish with broccoli sauce, purple bread, the most tender deer I have ever had, a raspberry mint dessert and a whole plethora of bon bons and cookies with Italian coffee.

Friends came by for a BBQ on Saturday and on Sunday, we took the in-laws out for dinner at a restaurant by the river. I have decided that I like my in-laws.

What's to come:

a summer job interview.

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