Sunday, 30 August 2009

Woooooo Hooooo!

Malaysia, here I come!

I made a decision last year to spend the majority of my holidays in Malaysia. While I would LOVE to explore other countries, I don't want to regret not seeing my parents for years. I don't know what it is- fillial piety? I like to think I simply like them very much. I certainly don't feel obligated. When they were here last month, I realized that if I were to visit them once a year, I'd end up seeing them only 15 more times before they pass away (and that 15 years is if they survive til 85!) which is kind off depressing.

We'll be visiting Malaysia twice in 2010- Chinese New Year in Feb and again, in July (for 4-8 weeks). My in-laws will join us there as well so that should be fun (and stressful).

I love how cheap Malaysia is. I love Topshop. I love t-shirts which fit me properly.

I have it all planned (sort of la). A few days at the E&O in Penang (or Cheong Fatt Tze mansion), a few days at The Lakehouse or Cameron Highlands Resort, 2 nights in Melaka, a 4-day jungle trekking package (which I will NOT join. I hate being active haha), 3 nights at an East Coast island... am I missing anything? The Dutchman and I will take advantage of Air Asia or MAS cheap fares to Cambodia or Vietnam or Hong Kong.

Woooo, I know it's still AGES away but I am so looking forward to it!

I'm not ready for school. I don't feel as if I'd a holiday. Being a student in The Netherlands is amazing though- I have one full day and all mornings off this semester. I pretty much have an average of 12 hours a week.

5.5 months before I get to eat cookies and pong teh.


Esmee said...

I took several trips to M'sia, organised by the schools during the december holidays. Not much has changed 2 decades later when I took my dutchman there for a week. He likes Penang most bec it's like Singapore in the 1970's.

Might be fun to show ur dutchman my beloved Singapore lah ^_^ !

Elaineganmaclaine said...

Your post made me homesick too! Though been in Dubai for only 8 mnths ;)
I too am planning for a jan trip back home, hoping to get leave off work, I Soo miss Malaysian food!! And family gatherings :)

Seri Nyonya said...

Esmee: Dutchman has been to Singapore lah:D It was nice but this time, we want to go somewhere else (HK/Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos). Also went to Penang which was OKla. Honestly, liked it only because we stayed at the E&O. I think nicer to go to Penang with someone who appreciates Malaysian food ^^

Elaine: Go la!! Are you the only Malaysian you know in Dubai? I miss family gatherings too.. that's why I thought must ambik this opportunity to balik since it's school holidays then as well

whimsicaljottings said...

Go back to Msia TWICE a year??? OMG *ENVY*

Eat loads and think of your poor fellow M'sians craving for sedapppp Msian food! ;)

Mei said...

Eh, Singapore is not the same as M'sia. :P

We should all organise a meet-up when we come back... :P

deliciouslylekker said...

so happen cny coincides with spring hols this year mah ^^ besides i haven't celebrated CNY for 4 years! i can't remember whether i mentioned it in my blog but this is going to be a surprise for my family. the dutchman and i will just turn up at the door:D

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you can keep it as a secret for soooo long without letting it slip? :P What if your parents decide to celebrate the CNY by makan angin somewhere else? Or having other plans... :P

deliciouslylekker said...

hrhr i know these old people of mine very well. no way will they ever celebrate it anywhere. will as usual,balik hometown to clean it up (nobody lives there anymore) together with spinster aunts& married uncle and then everyone else will turn up on the first day to celebrate for one week. 30 people under one roof.. should be fun:P i already warned dutchman that he will have 0 privacy, lagipun maybe have to sleep on a mattress in the hallway or what. he said can. he's looking forward to playing poker(for fun la. knowing my family probably a few RM only!) and getting to know everyone (and me!) better.