Friday, 15 October 2010

Over a Month

That's how long I've been working. The internship's OK, my colleagues are generally nice but I'm hoping for more responsibility.

Long hours but I generally leave once I finish my work after 5. I know some frown on that- they think I should stay back and be 'on call' but I think that is bloody stupid and in any event, I am only an unpaid intern. If there's something to do, I am willing to stay late (stayed til 11pm ) and come on Sundays (my one and only off day) but if there isn't, I just leave!

Despite the long hours, I feel more energized and relaxed compared to The Netherlands. Simply put, life is good in Malaysia. After work, some newly found friends/colleagues and I go out for dinner. We eat and chat with the occasional glass of wine whilst the sun sets with the sea breeze blowing and the sounds of the waves. On Sundays, we go to the beach, laze in our bikinis and catch up on our reading. People are friendly, easy going and simple. No need to over think or worry what's going on. I feel welcomed and accepted.

More food pictures coming up:


Big Apple Doughnuts. I only like their glazed doughnuts to be honest but they don't have it anymore:-(

 Biryani at the local Indian Muslim place
 Steamboat (Chinese fondue) for 2 people
 Flat Noodles in gravy. Love this with lots of bird's eye chilli
 Prawn Dumplings
 Rack of Lamb
 Pineapple Tarte Tatin

Grilled Sirloin Steak

Til next time, girls!

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