Sunday, 31 October 2010

What An Amazingly Busy but Fun Week!

I love this place, I truly do! You work hard and you work long hours but you cherish and put all your free time to good use! You feel energized and rejuvenated after your one day off a week. You go to bed happy. You enjoy your conversations with your colleagues cum friends. You have good meals, wine, good company... everyday is a holiday (eventhough you spend AT LEAST 10 hours a day, 6 days a week working).

Last week, I was given a great opportunity. At least, I thought it was great. I still like it. Basically, I was given a full-time position in marketing as the former executive left and the new one is only arriving in a month. I'm loving the responsibility but not loving that I still have all the responsbilities of my previous position in addition to the new one. I had expected my previous department to stop handing me things, especially when I do not have te capability to do the tasks that they want me to do (ie computer programmes on my new computer). They expect me to walk all the way there to do some crappy tasks which they can do themselves. I find that extremely annoying but I guess that's part of life. I just tell myself that I'm leaving in 2 months. No use stressing about rubbish like that.

I am actually really dreading going back to The Netherlands. It's just such a dreary place, where there are so many different kinds of unsaid boundaries one must not cross, where meeting people is a chore with obligations but where work is much easier and where one's free time is respected. 

Going to visit my parents next week. Looking forward to some proper shopping, a haircut and more good company!

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