Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Proposal

I guess I haven't actually told you about my engagement yet. It wasn't anything special and having lived together so long with marriage planned in 2012, it shouldn't be a surprise but I was anyway!

It was a very normal day, really. The Dutchman and I decided to have dinner (I made the reservation), he brought champagne from The Netherlands. We ate, conversation was OK but nothing special. If I were to be honest, I was wondering why he barely spoke and thought "pfft, this is kinda boring" :-P Dinner itself was yummy though.

Then, after that, he asked if I wanted a cocktail. I didn't really want to, it being not a particularly fun evening but said yes. We went to a gorgeous little house which is the cocktail bar next to the restaurant. It was dark and we were alone. No staff, very intimate, cute little place. After we got the drinks, the waiter turned on the music which coincidently was about being reunited again after a long-distance relationship. The Dutchman said "Nyonya, I have to ask you something". Now, this sounds ridiculously obvious and I considered it but didn't think this was it. I'd always expected him to ask me in the forest or something in the autumn (not my perfect proposal but it was his). Another guest came in so nothing was said for a while and when she left, Dutchman repeated "Nyonya, I have to ask you something", got down on his knees and presented the ring (which I couldn't see at all because it was so dark!);)

It was a pretty middle-of-the-road proposal but I was sort of crying and felt really happy hehehehe. Later, when I could actually see my ring, I thought it was really nice:D It's a ring I would pick myself. It's quite big though so it's in the process of getting resized.

We're both really looking forward to the wedding but a part of me is considering just eloping to Hawaii or something. Weddings are so expensive. After some asking about, the ceremony we want (very simple, the expensive part is the food & drinks), will cost 10 000 euro in Malaysia. In addition, my father wants a Chinese wedding dinner as well (another 10 000 euro but he'll pay for that). 20 000 euro for a wedding sounds like a crazy amount of money. I'd rather he saves that for his old age or go on holiday with it or something. Our ceremony on the other hand, is facing quite some opposition from my extended family because it's an hour flight from KL. Strangely enough, Dutchman's family are fine with flying 15 hours to get to it;-) For me, it's like I'm going to invite you because I like and value you but if you don't want to come, fine. My parents insist we should pay for accomodation for everyone. Considering that we are paying about RM400 p.p. for food and drinks and are actively refusing angpows and gifts, we thought it would be quite fair for guests to pay their own flight and other misc expenses (which would probably be less than the RM400 p.p.). *sigh*

Maybe we should just sail into the sunset and forget all those other people;)

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