Thursday, 3 February 2011

An Update

After 6 months abroad, I am back in The Netherlands.

Some random updates:
i) I drink beer now and actually like it.

ii) My internship was hideously boring but I really loved the place.

iii) After a few talks with my boss without any outcome, I concluded in my report that I do not regret my internship but did not really learn much. He was hopping mad, refused to sign my report and used liquid paper to change my appraisal (which was originally excellent but is now terrible). Luckily, I was smart enough to make copies of my time card and so forth. Do I regret it? No. I was already very diplomatic in my report and in my opinion, they didn't give a rat's ass about interns. This is quite common in Malaysia (which I also stated in my report) but as I had already informed them about my expectations and that of my school's prior to accepting the internship, they should've been prepared.

iv) I put on 8 kg. Everyone tells me I am "montel".

v) I am engaged! The Dutchman proposed last month and we will get married at the place where he proposed as well.

vi) My parents are driving me crazy with their wedding expectations. They do not care about us getting married at all. They just want their Chinese wedding dinner with 200 people I don't know. I already told them we are happy to turn up for that dinner they are hosting but now they want us to cancel our ceremony and only have that Chinese wedding dinner, which I think is ludicrous. I have balls of steel. I will survive this muahaha.

vii) I am looking for a part-time job as I only have classes 3 days a week this semester but I'm not looking too hard. This is bad. I should work, right? I'd really rather watch Criminal Minds and Boer Zoekt Vrouw.

viii) My brother asked his girlfriend of 5 years to marry him. She said no! Well, actually she said she's "not ready yet". He just asked me if we would mind if they got married in the same month as the Dutchman and I (as she said "maybe 2012"). Of course we mind!

x) Can't wait to start cooking again;-)

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