Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gorgeous Weather

-gorgeous, gergeous flowers! a present from the Dutchman-
Not spring-y at all! Instead, it's been summer in NL the last few weeks. We even had a barbecue on Easter Day. Last year, we were still wearing our winter coats.

Easter was relatively quiet for me. Honestly, I suffered through what could possibly have been the most boring dinner of all time with my in-laws. Most times, dinners and meetings are OK but sometimes..... this is one of those times. I could not wait to go home, I was yawning every 30 seconds or so. Tried not to do it so publically but I couldn't help it- it kept coming. :-( Later in the car, Dutchman and I looked at each other and said "Wow, that was boring!". Haha

Right, this is a food blog so I should probably tell you what we prepared for Easter. Food is one thing my in-laws and I don't agree on. My family..we love food. On festive occasions, the house almost bursts open with various dishes, cookies and drinks. My family is a big believer of "too much is better than not enough". My in-laws on the other hand don't really like cooking (for a crowd, which in our family means 10 people) so special occasions dinners tend to be very simple. Like this Easter, they actually wanted soup and bread for dinner. I'll be honest with you- I like soups but I HATE only soup for dinner. Luckily, Dutchman hates them even more than I do so he immediately veto-ed the idea and told his mum to have a barbecue as that is just as easy. Everyone brought something. I made some simple pork & chicken skewers and some store-bought chipolatas. I actually wanted to bring some proper meat (rack of lamb or a slab of steak) but Dutchman said that's 'showing off' (I only wanted to bring food I like.. food which you Easter-ish! If it's just 'normal' food, it's not a special occasion, is it?). Oops.

Some things I prepared last week...


Esmee said...

I have yet to meet a local here with a passion for cooking. They certainly have a passion for eating when I'm doing all the work though ! I get the impression that they dont want to devote too much time at the stove or a recipe that involves alot of spices.

Even dining out r often a disappointment. Pricey for bland food. Have u seen Top Chef on TV ? Het is om te huilen when u see what bad cooks we hv in the professional kitchen !

Yummy food plays a big part in our lives. It would be reason enough for me to balik kampung joh !

seri nyonya said...

Hey Esmee!

Haven't heard from you for some time. How are you doing??

Most locals I know don't really care for eating indeed. For example, quite a few people I know love the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in my city. It is really horrible. 10x worse than Sushi King/Genki Sushi or even Jusco supermarket;-) They think it's real Japanese food. Would come off too much as a snob so I just say nothing lah.

The first Dutch people I knew were actually good enthusiasts! They loved food and encouraged me to cook. That's actually where I learnt how to cook but after them, it went downhill hahaha.

Won't deny that dining out here is cheap(compared to daily wage) compared to back home. For the standard of a 25 euro 3-gangen menu in NL, you'd pay at least RM100. Wine pulak is RM35 (8 euro) per glass (Lindemans only, not special wine pun). Here only 2.50 euro or a bit more!