Saturday, 9 May 2009


One of my favourite things about Europe is that many countries are just a short drive away. Dutchman has a lease car so we drive to Germany, Belgium or just to another city in The Netherlands quite often. This time, we drove to Brussels (2+ hours).

Brussels is surprisingly pretty! However, it's also quite expensive. We had lunch at the Grote Markt and had to shell out 40 euro (1 beer, 1 cappuccino, 1 toast and 1 Americain Frites)!! That's quite a bit more than what you'd pay in Amsterdam. What we got wasn't very tasty anyway (although it wasn't bad).

Another surprising thing was how close the tables are to each other. I know the Dutch place a lot of importance on privacy so thought it was sort off cute that people just 2+ hours away have a need for less personal space;)

Cath├ędrale Saint-Michel or Sint-Michiels Kathedraal

There are a few things Belgium is famous for : waffles, chocolate and bad roads - all of which we experienced in the few hours we were there haha.

I didn't get to buy the bon bons I wanted because Dutchman was terrified the authorities would shut the streets (tomorrow is car-free day in Brussels and the police had already put up barriers at many places) but we did get these strawberries dipped in milk chocolate (mine) and white chocolate (his).They were super yum!Price: 3 euro each.

Waffles- also very good! Price: 4.00-4.50 euro each

We trudged through the whole city looking for this little man...

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