Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Istanbul Day 3

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. It was terribly cold and it rained halfway through the day.

We woke up early for the ferry to the Asian part (and of course got scammed out of 25 euro by an unscrupulous taxi driver).

I can't remember if the photo below is of the Asian or European side

To be honest, we didn't do much there. Actually, to be COMPLETELY honest, all we did was use Wi-fi at a Starbucks! I know, I know..what a waste, right? It was cold and windy and we were quite tired.

At Kadikoy, we had a fish sandwich(only 4YTL each!) for lunch. It was good! They should de-bone the fish though- crowding round a trashbin with 6 people picking bones out of their teeth is not a very elegant thing to do;)

The Lonely Planet guide said the stuffed mussels have more bacteria than a petri dish but it looked good and come on, I have a strong Asian stomach, right?! 2 stuffed mussels for only 1YTL! They were good but not at all like what I thought they'd taste(you couldn't really taste the mussels;)).

Photo below is from

I don't remember what else we did- probably nothing remarkable (or I'd know!). Dinner was a doner kebab (the 200 euro spent on cabs severely depleted our food budget.....).

All in all: Istanbul was nice but my favourite city is still Prague. Would I go to Istanbul again? Probably. I am considering doing my study abroad there. I wouldn't mind living there.

I love Turkish food and thought I'd make some "Karniyarik" (stuffed eggplants) for dinner last night. I should've bought some bulghur and Turkish peppers but I was too lazy to walk to the ATM ( Turkish grocer doesn't have a debit-facility)for cash so I served it with bread and cacik(kind off like a tzatziki but yummier!)

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