Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice

My mother is Hainanese. When I was younger, I'd ask my mother to take me to grandma's - not really because "Ah Poh" (Grandma) and I were very close but because hanging out at the babysitter's 5 days a week got boring after a while. Ah Poh was a nice person but unfortunately she couldn't speak English and I couldn't understand Hainanese. I spent my days there catching butterflies, cutting the grass and collecting flowers from their garden.

Mum and her siblings didn't care much for Hainanese Chicken Rice- probably because Ah Kong (Grandpa) is a man who loves routine (he's still alive, over 100 years old, eats a half-boiled egg for breakfast everyday and so forth) which means that Ah Poh probably made chicken rice quite often for dinner. Ah Poh made the best chilli sauce to go with it!

Dinner yesterday was Hainanese Chicken Rice with beansprouts(forgot to buy cucumber mah).

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