Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My Quest For The Perfect Chicken Curry

I enjoyed my childhood in Malaysia very much. Like so many things in my life, it revolves around food. I remember making mini 'palm trees' out of dough for the pineapple tarts with all my relatives before Chinese New Year, pounding shallots with tears streaming down my face, the many meals we had as a family, the BBQs on New Year's Eve, the late-night suppers at Mamak (Indian Muslim) stalls, how we always had breakfast at Indian restaurants during the weekends...

I like spicy food very much. Back in school, I was the girl who drowned her food in sambal. My father is the same (he eats bird's eye chillis for fun). Mind you, it's not all about something being spicy without any taste- it has to be balanced! It has to taste good!

Moving here has definitely changed my diet. I eat plenty of western food (more than Asian food for sure). I no longer turn up at a restaurant to pick what I want from the wide array of dishes like in Malaysia. I also have no clue what the dishes were as we never ordered from a menu but would simply point and pick at the various curries. When we cooked curry at home, we'd buy a spice mix from the Indian spice man at the market (unless we specifically wanted to make Chinese or Malay curry...).

I bought a few different Patak pastes but something was missing. I probably need to play around with that. Anyhow, I bought Climbing The Mango Tree by Madhur Jaffrey a few months ago and finally made Bimla's Chicken Curry. It was fragrant and tasty but it certainly wasn't the curry I was looking for. The colour was wrong (it was pale), there was no coconut milk (there was yoghurt though) and I don't know what else. That said, I would make it again because it was very simple and it was tasty in a non-curry sense ^^

I guess I'll have to look further!

Dessert (Summer Pudding)

Tea(Mon Chou/ Cream Cheese cake from a box). Very yum.

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