Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Need Suggestions

The oldies will be here soon and I'd like to take them out for dinner on the day they arrive.

I don't want to take them to an Asian place for obvious reasons. That said, my parents aren't exactly open to new tastes (they're fine with steaks and typical 'Western' stuff). In addition, I do have a budget of only 100 euro (for 4) so that limits what's available.

Would you pick:

i) a Greek restaurant (meat-y, casual)


ii) a nice restaurant along the river with affordable OK western food(thing is, I've been there about 20 times in the last 3 years so it's starting to get boring)? By Western food, I mean steak or fish, an appetizer and dessert.

I can be so indecisive sometimes so I would really appreciate the feedback!

P/S: Any other suggestions would be great as well

1 comment:

elaine said...

Outdoor by the river will be my pick! They rarely visit so would be memorable somewhat :)