Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bistro de Bok

Last Friday, the Dutchman and I had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in the city. A few years ago, we were on a mission to try every restaurant in Arnhem but we seem to be failing! Once we found a few places we really liked, we just started sticking to those choices. In general, we tend to go to Bistro de Bok for meat, Mona's for shrimps, Humphrey's for when we want a cheap meal in a pretty-ish setting (3-course meal there is only 23 euros or something!), Proeflokaal de Waag for its ambience, Rung Thai (for Thai food obviously!) and Kwong Chow when we feel like Cantonese. We still go to different restaurants when it comes to expensive meals though (but this doesn't happen very often so the Mission Try All Restaurants is progressing very slowly).

Bistro de Bok is casual, very 'brown', quaint and the meat is excellent. Wine is cheap (1 liter for about 18 euro), service is great (not in-your-face, very easy-going but efficient) and it's not a place you have to whisper because it's always lively with conversation.Bistro de Bok is Dutchman's favourite restaurant (one of my favourites as well. I feel the desserts are lacking). While it is not the cheapest (a 3-course meal for 2 with wine will cost about 100 euro), the quality of meat (especially the beef and game) is well worth the price. 

Free bread


 Lamb Chops

Bok Spies (probably mixed grill?)

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Candee said...

Looks Lekker! I will have to try it out next time we are in Arnhem. Might have to make an old fashioned date night out of it and throw a movie into it too.