Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy 2010!

Somewhat belated;)

Hope you spent New Year's Eve the way you wanted to.

Mine was rather boring. Had dinner at Dutchman's friend (and his girlfriend)'s apartment. After the countdown, I went to the city with friends from school but the place we bought tickets for wasn't really all that interesting. I guess that's what you get when you buy a cheap ticket (only 13 euros which is ridiculously cheap for New Year's Eve. It's quite common to pay 25-65 euro))- you end up at a bar with 16 year olds (legal age for drinking here) OR with really old,poor losers. It was entertaining in some way: this old man kept trying to pick me up and I can't think of a worse way to pick anyone up ( "Hey Chinese Girl. You know, I lurvveeee Chinese girls....) and we just had a good laugh about the kids, in general (because we were once like that as well :) ). I think I might just stay go abroad or stay home for New Year's Eve next year.

Back to the daily grind. Not fun. Exams. Our holiday in February is looming and that's probably the only thing really, really positive in the next few weeks! I know I sound all gloom and doom but there's something about winter-especially after the festivities in December- which just gets you down. I truly do not mind the cold (I'm not someone who lazes at the park all day long in summer) but other people might (grumpy faces) and THAT (the general grumpiness) affects my desposition;)

If anyone is interested in watching a Dutch movie, I'd recommend "De Hel van '63". It's not the first Dutch movie I watched (that was Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster heh!) but it's the first one I ever paid for ;-) It definitely exceeded my expectations (Frisian sounds adorable. It's like a Scot speaking English) and I really enjoyed watching that with the in-laws.

No food pictures because my camera decided to play hide and seek with me. Mostly take-outs (Peking Duck, Indonesian, Pizza, delis) and prepared foods like 'snert' (also known as 'ertwensoep'/ split pea soup) with Frisian rye bread ( roggebrood). Will start cooking again tomorrow!

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