Monday, 7 June 2010

In a Bind

I have an offer from a company in Australia. The company is tiny. It will not look good on my CV and I am not really interested. However, the place it is situated in, is absolutely gorgeous. My school is pushing me to take this one as it will fulfill my one-semester abroad requirement plus it's one of their usual clients.

I have 2 offers in Malaysia, both are internationally recognized. However, one pays nothing and the other is not a definite offer just yet. Money is not a problem as interns usually get paid RM200-RM800 per month which is nothing in euro. My student grant will cover my stay in Malaysia. The problem is: doing my internship in Malaysia means I will have to go abroad (probably somewhere boring like Belgium) next year and I am hoping for a really big company like IBM, Shell or Unilever (getting those companies mean staying in Malaysia would be worth it). That said, I only started applying there today as I was concentrating on other countries. I doubt I'll receive a reply by tomorrow. 

I need to give the Australian company a definite offer by tomorrow at the very latest. :-(

I have nothing but the leftovers because of this last-minute administrative issue. The other students applied in December and all the good ones are gone already.

Please let me get a good internship:/

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