Sunday, 6 June 2010

O Mundo in Wageningen

Dutchman surprised me with some gorgeous flowers this week

There's this new uhm.. event (for lack of better word) called Dining With The Stars. It basically allows you to dine at a Michelin star restaurant for about 1/2 the price of a usual meal there. Dinner at a 1-star Michelin restaurant will cost just 50 euro p.p (without drinks) for a 5-course meal from June 7th-June 13th. Initially, we reserved a table at Het Koetshuis. However, June 7th-13th is exam week for me so I thought I'd better cancel!

To make it up, we decided to have dinner at another Michelin star restaurant. O Mundo in Wageningen is very reasonably priced (52.50 euro p.p for 5 courses so almost the same price as the discounted dinners. A normal meal at a Michelin star restaurant is 80-120 euro) and not too faraway from home.
Pre-dinner (aperitif: rosé cava)

Amuse #1: truly my favourite out of everything we had, such a simple ingredient but SO amazing: a cherry tomato with a hard glaze, black sesame seeds and who knows what. I really should take notes next time.

A posh take on the kroket: made from Iberico pig

Smoked salmon ( I think) with quail eggs, poffertje and some really yummy vegetables. The green lump on the left is guacamole, the yellow bit on the right is parsnip puree and the orange/yellowish sauce in the middle is some kind of onion thing (my favourite).

Second course: a shrimp mousse with who knows what. It tasted good. The prawns were definitely fresh. Served with a German riesling (I think)

Cod with a nut crust, very yummy vegetables. This was nice but boring. Plus, we were quite sick of seafood by then.

Main: Duck with some kind of duck pastry, black lentils, glazed carrots and a butter mustard sauce. Beautifully done. Paired with a really fragrant Portugese red wine which I really enjoyed.
Pre-dessert: coffee creme brulee. Very good. Best creme brulee I ever had.
Dessert: Local raspberries with riesling cream, cruesli, and riesling ice cream.

Coffee & Sweets

Total bill: 175 euro (Dutchman did not drink wine, only the 1 glass of cava before dinner)

All in all: a great dinner but I prefer the Schultenhues because the Schultenhues is more innovative. O Mundo on the other hand just makes simple dishes with premium ingredients. Service at O Mundo was less stiff which is nice. However, it's also less polished (for example, the waitress took away out pre-dinner snacks which were still more than half-full without asking). Would I go there again? Probably. It is reasonably priced (compared to other Michelin restaurants) and the food is tasty enough. This would be a good place to take someone who isn't into weird-sounding combinations.

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