Monday, 28 June 2010

The World Cup and Sunny Weather

= not a lot of cooking. We get a lot of takeaways, barbecues (about 4 times last week!), drink copious amounts of rosé and the occasional dinner out for me (girlfriends and what-not).

I am pretty excited about our holiday next month. We just CANNOT wait anymore. The Dutchman in particularly is feeling quite stressed over work and needs a holiday. I am technically, already on holiday. No more school, although I still work part-time (but that's only for 5-20 hours a week and even that is over next week!). Speaking of work, I introduced a classmate to my employers and I am somewhat torn about it. I want them to have childcare during the 6 months I'm away but I also want a job when I come back! I have been with one family for almost 3 years, have a great relationship with the little girl and am also paid exceedingly well. Now, I'm giving this away to my classmate. I guess I'm just being selfish. If it works out for them and they choose to keep my classmate, it just means I'm not good enough and that would ultimately be my fault so can't blame anyone!

 Roast Chicken Breasts
Back to the Holland-Slovakia match, bye!


Dinner at the Fushion Food Bar in Arnhem
Bread with a garlic dip and crushed pistachios
Starter: Vitello Tonato (disappointing)
Rack of Lamb with Middle Eastern Spices with couscous and Lebanese Ketchup (this was my favourite)

American Carrot Cake (again, quite disappointing. Even the one from Starbucks is loads better!)

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