Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lamb, oh lamb...

I am horrible at studying. When I'm supposed to (ie. now..exam period), I tend to cook more elaborate dishes, bake cookies, buy novels, go out with get the idea.

Yesterday, I went to the Muslim butcher to buy a leg of lamb. He couldn't understand me so I ended up with the shoulder but I don't see how it can be much different.. After all, a lamb has 4 legs, not 2 arms and 2 legs and if the part I got happens to be at the front, oh well..I don't think we'll suffer too much. 1 kilo of the shoulder cost 9 euro. The Dutchman later said I spend way too much money on food. What he doesn't realize is we sometimes spend more than that when I cook just a simple pasta dish!

Photo was taken before I made the gravy.

I served the lamb with mint sauce, roast potatoes and carrots. *note to self: must stop using the oven so often*

Dessert was store-bought creme caramel . Lekker ~ Actually, the best part of the dinner was this amazing bottle of Spanish red wine. It was very smooth and went extremely well with the lamb. We drank the whole bottle and opened a bottle of French wine. I was quite far gone and we both went to bed at 9p.m. because we were quite woozy;) All in all, a wonderful night.

Dinner tonight more simple. I bought 2 Argentinian steaks retailing at only 5.30 euro (35% discount!) and served it with a tomato-cucumber salad dressed with balsamico,olive oil, salt and pepper (and a teeny bit of sweetener). I was full as I had Thai minced pork with basil and rice at 4p.m. so I decided not fry potatoes for myself.

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