Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bummed Out

Everyone lives abroad. It's harder getting people to come together for an event. To maximize attendance, there should be only one big event a year.

Dutchman and I planned on getting married in 2011 but we hadn't really set a date nor have we reserved anything (was considering doing everything after summer this year). Now, my cousin has reserved 2011 (she did discuss this with me and I gave in because after all, she has a proper reason and I don't really mind waiting another year as marrying next year means I'd still be a student).

Now, my brother will probably get married in 2012, which leaves me with 2013. Horrid sounding year. Ugh. Not to mention ages away. I'm grumpy because Dutchman said 2012 is too long already but yet, he didn't want to officially 'book' for 2011 (nothing is fixed until invitations/reservations/official engagement notifications for family members etc. ,right), so I can't blame my brother and cousin for going ahead.

Annoyed. Annoyed. Annoyed.

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