Monday, 1 February 2010

Has it been quiet or what...

I've been busy- projects, life, cleaning up my pigsty after weeks of living in filth, meeting acquaintances and what-not. I haven't even had time to cook last week. We ate out every single day which totally blew my weekly food budget but at least, my well-rounded tummy was happy :-D

What else:
i) This company called Dining City organizes Restaurant Week twice a year and we take part as often as we can. This time, the in-laws and I had already agreed to reserve spots at a Michelin star restaurant in the city so I've been stalking the website religiously. Today, they published a code which would allow members to reserve early (the good restaurants are snapped up almost immediately) and I came across it just 2 minutes after it went online so I snagged us 10 spots :-D

ii) Parents have zero clue. I feel so naughty.

iii) I really should start concentrating on school.

iv) I like kids but don't want any til I'm ready.

v) We probably aren't getting married til 2012 because my cousin's just announced her 2011 wedding!

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