Wednesday, 24 February 2010


* I am going to live in Prague, Czech Republic for about 4 months later this year
* Parents might be visiting us in The Netherlands again at the end of 2010
* School is hideously boring
* I have a new babysitting job, in addition to my old one. Both are awesome.

Now, back to food pictures!

 Stir-fried shrimps. No one sitting at my table like shrimps so I had the whole thing to myself

Homemade pickles, Asam Pedas, Itik Tim, Sitr-fried vegetables, Steamed Pomfret (cut off,right)

Sambal belacan, braised turnips (salad leaves to wrap)

 Seh Bak (also dish for sombre occasions)

Something with Shiitake mushrooms. Am not a big fan of shiitakes so didn't bother with it

Pork trotters (I think)


Pong Teh
No Buah Keluak this time because they couldn't remember where they kept the buah keluak;)


Esmee said...

Haha, for a moment I thought u made all the dishes by urself for ur Dutchman ! I realised as I scroll down that they r from M'sia.

My in-laws doesnt like to eat with their hands. I like to make a stew (curry chicken with french loaves) as it is easy to warm up n serve. Being the Frisian they r, they didnt think much abt saying it to my face that "nette mensen eten met vork n lepel) *sigh*

Even with Nasi Ramas (eating kurupuk became an issue), I get "stank voor dank". Thereafter I avoid cooking for them. I guess Asian dishes r just not their thing, although my hub is "dol op" n can't get enough of them.

Does the babysitting required changing nappies ?

How do u go abt arranging an exchange programme with Czech Rep. ?

Seri Nyonya said...

haha, not gonna slave in the kitchen for an unappreciative audience! I had a similiar experience, spent like 24 hours and 100+ euro cooking (for 8 people) and honestly, it would probably have been as big or a bigger hit if I had just warmed up some frozen pizzas ;)

To be honest, I don't eat with my hands either (because I'm bad at it and I hate smelling food on my fingers). That said, I do think it's bloody ridiculous when people eat simple Dutch sandwiches (you know, the plain kind with just ham, bread and cheese, no salad, no nothing) with a knife and fork....

Do you live in Friesland?

The study abroad thing is compulsory for my course so I didn't have to arrange anything (school did everything).

And yes, babysitting requires changing nappies. Haha I'm so used to it now (every single babysitting job I've had were with babies or at least it started when they were still babies)...

Esmee said...

Thank goodness I dont live there - magine having to learn frisian ! I hear my in-laws speaking it n it's not very pleasant to my ears.

I live pretty near Den Helder - yes, another uithoek where the wind never seem to stop blowing in the wide open spaces :-( I heard that we get most of the sunshine tho, so that is a plus.