Sunday, 18 April 2010

One Grumpy Nyonya

The sun is shining and I should be happy but I really couldn't care less. In fact, I find it annoying because I'm obliged to do all kinds of 'sunny' things like go for walks, bike rides, barbecues and so forth.

The local ice cream parlour is filled to the brim with people stuffing their faces with ice cream. Seriously. Couldn't even walk anymore. I went at 4pm sharp (that's when they open on Sundays) to the local supermarket (opening on Sundays is a very recent development. This is the only supermarket which is open every Sunday) and it was like attending a Greenday concert. We literally had to line up to enter the supermarket. The line at the cashier reached all the way to the back of the store. I did manage to get some readymade barbecued meat though;-)

I really shouldn't be so grumpy. I should be grateful and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, right?

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