Friday, 2 April 2010


We spent the entire day spring cleaning. I can actually walk in my bedroom again!

Had some people over for dinner but completely forgot to take pictures.

We basically got a 'gourmet' meat set from the supermarket, made a potato gratin, 2 kinds of salads and boiled peas. "Gourmetten" is a really popular here. It's basically like a Korean barbecue- only that it's on a grill plate. Everyone helps with the 'cooking'. Simple, which I'm thankful for after the 5 hours or so we spent scrubbing the place down.

A special project I have:
I went to the local wine shop and bought a 20 euro bottle of wine. It's a 2006 Saint Emilion Grand Cru (I don't know anything about wines). I'm going to keep it for 8 years and see what happens;)

What else:
We just booked our summer holiday (Malaysia, Cambodia and Hong Kong)! 4 weeks of bliss! So much to look forward to. Summer vacation, study abroad in Prague, parents coming over in December, us going there for Chinese New Year 2011.... ;)


Anonymous said...

hey there! I really like your blog. I wanted to ask you how much do you advise me to charge for babysitting (rate per hour). I read your older posts and realized that you did this job too. It would be my first time babysitting in the Netherlands and I wouldn't know who to ask :)

Seri Nyonya said...

hi valentina,

thanks for your comment!

the hourly rate depends on where you live, your experience, what you're willing to do (housework,light housing, zero housework?) and if you are registered with an agency or not (this requires certain 'qualifications').

10 euro (1-2 children with 'chores' like cooking dinner, the occasional grocery shopping etc.) is probably a good place to start in big cities. when i started, i received 7 euro an hour and as i got more experienced, families started to offer me 12,50 per hour for one child.

good luck!

jessie said...

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