Monday, 10 May 2010

Bikini Challenge - Part 1

2 months til I have to prance around in a bikini.

That means no more huge meals (I eat a lot), no more comfort food (at least not as much) and no more snacking (except healthy items like cherry tomatoes).

I started this 'diet' yesterday and while I probably eat the same as what normal people eat now, I feel so deprived :-( I miss my cakes, cookies and big, fat sandwiches oozing with cheese and yummy sauces. I miss eating til I'm completely and totally full, but hey, as they say French women never get fat because they know when to stop *hates them already*.

Anyhoo, my point is, there will probably not be very many yummy food pictures in the next 2 months. Instead you may or may not see tomatoes, cucumbers, dark Frisian rye bread (which is really yummy btw), plain salmon and what-not. Sure, I could cook more elaborate, yet healthy meals but I guess this is all in the mind. I can't be bothered cooking anything unless I really like it:-(

I guess this just has to be done;-) I have piled on the pounds in the last 2-3 years and I am at the porky side of normal at the moment. My tummy bothers me and my sides omfg, annoys the shite out of me. Right.

Current weight: 53.7kg (I'm short and have an apple-shaped body)
Target: as much as I can lose, 50kg would be OK. Would be nice to be 48kg.

Must be good. Must not eat packet of Bugles hidden in bottom drawer. Sucks to love food so much:-P


Alesia said...

It does right! So unfair to love food so much and gain so much weight.

But at 53.7kg I think you're still very light. I'm standing at 151cm and weighing at about 60kg now. Used to be 66kg (the horror!!). Struggling so much to lose the 10kg or at least 5.

Hubs said, well don't cook then you'll definitely lose weight. Aih

Alesia said...

And all the best in your bikini challenge! :)

whimsicaljottings said...

I'm 158cm and 48kg. I dont consider myself slim, and even if I ever reach 45kgs, I would NEVER have to courage to don a bikini. Never. Body issues :( So kudos to you! Weight on, or weight off, you have the guts!