Monday, 17 May 2010

Foodlovers Festival 2010

I dragged the Dutchman to the Foodlover's Festival in the Betuwe region on Saturday. I had bought some tickets for 24 euro (normal price 40 euro) and thought it sounded like something I would have enjoyed.

There were workshops, yummy fine food, wine, market stands, balsamico from Modena and so forth. Mind you, the only thing included in the entry ticket is a very small glass of prosecco. Everything else costs extra. Dutchman was not hungry so I spared him the torture of watching me eat by only picking one dish. I chose a lovely lamb stew with couscous and who knows what. It was 5 euro,tiny and very yummy!

 More pictures of the event:

Was it nice? Yes.
Would I pay the 20 euro p.p entry fee again? No. It was really nothing more than a market(not even a big one) and you still had to spend quite a bit on the tastings. I'd probably estimate about 30 euro p.p (excluding the entry fee) to have a reasonable amount of dishes (say 2 meats, 1 fish, 1 dessert and 2 glasses of wine. Portions are tiny, as can be expected from the 5 euro price tag).

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