Monday, 31 May 2010

Dining Out

I love dining out. Although I keep telling myself to save money, we still do it at least once a week.

Last week, we went out for Thai, shrimps and on Friday, we had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in Amsterdam. The restaurant, Wau, is situated in Chinatown, within walking distance from the central station.

The food was... absolutely atrocious. I don't think I have EVER tasted such terrible nasi lemak before. Nasi Lemak is probably Malaysia's national dish. It is simple, cheap (in Malaysia, you probably pay between 50 cents- RM5) and not too difficult to make (it doesn't have to prepare just before serving, can be done in the morning and serve it all day long).

I missed nasi lemak and while the 17.50 euro price tag was certainly too much for something with almost no meat, cheese or anything 'expensive', I was ready to pay for it, provided it tasted normal.

It did not. It's truly the worst nasi lemak I have ever eaten in my entire life. The sambal was the major disappointment. It was oily, incredibly salty and tasted like it had come out from the jar. The achar was OK but as everyone knows, the rice and the sambal are the most essential things in nasi lemak.

The Dutchman had rendang. Don't know how it tasted because I was too traumatized by then. The satays we ordered for starters was OK. Not really authentic but tasty.

The weird thing is the people running the restaurants ARE Malaysians so why is the food so bad?? I would be so embarassed serving food like that to customers. An embarassment to the country ( after all, Malaysia's famous for its food). Ugh. Service was not good too. I heard them bitching about some other customers as I was close to the counter.

I will never go there again. I'm not even sure if I want to put myself through the experience of going to a Malaysian restaurant ever again....

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Elainegan said...

It looked yummy actually.

My guess is to suit the Dutch local taste buds? Even msian restaurants here in Dubai are less authentic so to please expats, msians aren't many here so I'll somewhat understand why the msian chefs tweaked their ingredients.
Sad for m'sians like me lar!