Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fried Chicken

I love KFC. I know it's bad for me but always go back for the hot & spicy chicken wings and sometimes the crispy strips. They are ALWAYS eaten with Malaysian/Indonesian garlic chilli sauce. The last year or so, I've only had them with "sambal asli" which is a kind of garlic chilli sauce, not as sweet as the usual ones and a definitely spicier.

Why I don't like KFC: it is somewhat expensive, the ques are long and service is ridiculously slow (if there are 3 people in front of you, expect to wait 30 minutes). Also, for some reason, this place always gets something wrong. They forgot my fries and/or coleslaw about half the time. Sometimes, I only get 5 chicken wings out of 6 or they'll forget to include cheese in Dutchman's burger. We'll discover these things after arriving home and I suppose it makes more sense to check our order upon receiving. Oh well.

-first recipe: my own-

To cut the long story short: I fried chicken twice (2 different recipes) last weekend and I can't believe how yummy and easy it was! I have bad memories from the nyonya fried chicken a few years ago when oil splattered every fucking where (ceiling, floor, walls, me) and I still have a burn on my arm sustained from that day. This time, it didn't splatter AT ALL. :-)

The first was one I made up myself based on what I had in the house at that time. The second is by Jamie Oliver. Honestly, I prefer mine because Jamie Oliver's was slightly "sour", probably because of the amount of lemon juice and buttermilk. It was however, more crunchy. All in all, I would make either again. I don't think I'll ever go back to KFC :-D

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