Monday, 16 March 2009


I have zero time. It feels like I have something else to do after I finally complete one assignment. Exams next week- I haven't even started. I don't even know if I'll make it this semester.

Thomas was here on Saturday. We wanted to take him to Bistro de Bok but it was ridiculously crowded and we had to wait an hour for a table so we went to Humphrey's which was ALSO full. I'm glad we didn't go to Humphrey's though as Thomas can be pretty loud. We finally settled on Proeflokaal De Waag which was great. Excellent food and atmosphere but I should probably cut down on eating out...

Because we didn't want to watch a movie at home, we hung out in the city. I took the boys to The Cavern which is a pretty crap bar but it's where all the international students hang out. You can always count on students (Germans in particular) being there even at 10 at night (most places are empty til midnight). Turns out there WAS a birthday party which I was invited to but completely forgot about because I don't know the birthday girl well. LoL

Called Marieke and Daniella who came over as well. We ended up staying in the city til 3a.m.! The Dutchman even danced! I couldn't believe my eyes;)

I'll post some photos of food and recipes as well tomorrow. Too lazy to look for my camera cable.

Now: back to work. Bleurgh. Have to prepare for my lesson tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to do this for long. 11.50 euro an hour is definitely not enough for me to actually prepare for the lesson for free. Man, my babysitting job rocks the socks off compared to this. Let's just see how long I'm going to last;)

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