Saturday, 7 March 2009

Dinner Out

We went to a great restaurant with one Michelin star for dinner last night. The food was good, the atmosphere less so and the service was.. strange. I was nursing the mother of all hangovers because I overindulged in an international student party the night before (will NEVER do it again) which was a pity because I'm sure I'd have enjoyed the accompanying wines and the company of the Dutchman much more.

I left my bag in the car so no photos, sorry! You can look at it here though:

It didn't start well- my head was aching like crazy and my balance was affected so I stumbled in into the hall. We stood there like idiots and the hosts stood there like dumber idiots. After a minute of awkward silence (I was waiting for them to usher us in or take out coats or ask if we had a reservation or SOMETHING) so I asked if we were supposed to go upstairs (a perfectly normal question ,I swear..there were 2 places we could go) after which they finally burst into action by taking off our coats, confirming our reservation and showing us to our places.

We eat out a lot though we've never been to a restaurant with Michelin stars (incidently ,it's not even that expensive) but the atmosphere seemed fake somehow.... the fake niceness , the big production of every single thing... we were initially somewhat uncomfortable (that plus my bad balance...).

The food however was good. Everything was so pretty and interesting/ lots of foam, interesting flavours and best of all , fresh. I can´t remember what we had but we started with a little amuse of infused kwark and a sprinkling of kroepok, followed by some pickles, another amuse and something. The first course is was my favourite: seafood (sorry, it's hard to explain.. ) in a giant bamboo lala (:P) shell and lots of lovely cauliflower foam.

Our main course was a Texel lamb with some special sauce, 2 pieces of spring onion (very good), 2 pieces of leek (even better!) and one single potato cube confite. You´d think we´d be starving but we weren´t - it was just nice.

We probably got another amuse after that but I can´t remember what it was. Dessert was the most perfect textbook kwark souffle I have ever seen (very tall, fluffy, little brown on top but NO cracks, no bubbles etc. ) and an ice cream (can't remember flavour) with blood oranges, cinnamon and who knows what else.

We finished off with a ´coffee service´ which was excellent (and cheap!). I had tea (which of course was prepared in typical theaterical fashion), he had coffee and we both also received, a bon bon each, some strangely texture (but enjoyable) uhm... I don´t know what (a cross between a bon bon, marshmallow and mousse) and the best of all.. it was so beautiful, we had no clue it was actually something to consume. I swear, I thought it was a salt and pepper pot because it didn´t seem as if it had an opening. Anyway, it turned out to be a lemongrass milkshake (green and foamy on top, pure white milk at the bottom). It was good in a strange way.

What we loved -
i) we got to experience something different
ii) the food, the presentation

What we didn' t like -
i) the big production over everything(incl. the opening doors thing, putting on my coat..I always feel like a retard because I can put my own coat ,thanks and they never get it right, causing me to twist my body like a caterpillar...)
ii) the service

Total Bill
110 euro (no wine as he had to drive and I had a hangover)

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