Friday, 13 March 2009

Some Updates

Last night's dinner: Rib-eye with brussel sprouts and potatoes

I haven't cooked much lately. The Dutchman's assignment is over so he's just hanging about at home (he still gets paid so no worries there) until he gets his new assignment. Because he doesn't have to commute, he is so much more relaxed- so much so that he took me out for tapas on Tuesday. The Dutchman is not romantic and food is not at all important to him. When we go out, it's usually because I want to and he just tags along;)

We had tapas at a little restaurant called La Puertas close to the Korenmarkt. We weren't sure what to order so we put our hands into the waitresses to get us 9 different tapas. I don't think we like tapas much. Doubt we'll go again unless we absolutely have to.

The next day, I went out with the girls for some sushi. Students get 50% off the menu price so it was a REALLY good deal (All-you-can-eat for 12, 50 euro!!).

Other news: Got both jobs I interviewed for but decided on P/T Job #2. I am now an Arts&Crafts teacher for 4-11 year olds for a Dutch company. I went for the training on Saturday and 'taught' for the first time yesterday. Teaching 15 children is hard work. Most times, I'm just making sure they don't kill each other (there's always one hyperactive one who picks on everyone else). The younger ones were really sweet though! One horrid boy (not in my class) actually threw a ball at my back. Ill-mannered children are horrid creatures. I'm just going to do this for the next 6 months, just to prettify my CV and of course I'm going to keep my babysitting job because I love that little girl, it pays so much better and is just so much more fun. The new gig is perfect for days I have compulsory tutorials and am only available for a few hours per day.

Another photo:

This is what 15+ euro gets you at the supermarket
Toilet paper (very cheap this week. It's usually 3 euro for 8 rolls and I got 24 rolls for 6 euro this week), 1 kilo potatoes, 1 bottle wine (on sale), 2 croissants, 2 Berliner bollen (sugar doughnuts thing) and a loaf of bread.

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Mei said...

Congrats on the job!!!! Doesn't sound...relaxing but hey, at least it's better than nothing. :P