Saturday, 4 April 2009

Guess what I found?:D

I was shopping in Utrecht last week and found this lovely pattiserie called Bond&Smolders. I had a Lemon Meringue Tart (probably my favourite tart in the whole wide world and you can't find it in NL)!! I haven't had one for YEARS!

They also sold these:

Valrhona chocolates! At 3.50 euro per 70g, these don't come cheap. I decided to bake Korova cookies with a bar. I would have posted pictures but I went to my room and when I came out, the Dutchman was wiping crumbs off his chin in the kitchen. I only had ONE cookie!!!

As usual, we haven't been eating home. Here's what I cooked last week (both below 5 euro each;) ):

Lamb Chipolata with Brussel sprouts and burnt potatoes;) You might've noticed that sprouts appear quite often in my photos. We both like Brussel sprouts but not THAT much. Truth is, I have the memory of a goldfish and so I bought 6 boxes of sprouts (on 3 different occassions) because I'd forgotten buying the earlier boxes...

Tortelini with bacon and leeks

The weather's been brillant! It's nice to watch everyone frolicking in the sun.

The little girl:

Other things:

i) I submitted my resignation today. WOOO HOOOOO
ii) We're going to Brussels shortly after Istanbul yay! Just a short trip (1 night).
iii) My iPhone is here!

iv) Back to school on Monday:(


Julian Si said...

Valrhonadroooool ;-)

elaine said...

have fun and do post holiday pics :)