Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No Food Pictures

Yep. No pictures for now. Haven't been cooking. The weather's been great so we've been eating out a lot (what's new.... ). We should probably try to save money!

I am in love with Turkish food which I suppose, doesn't really surprise me. I love aubergines. I love tomatoes and I love meat. :)

I'm really excited about going to Istanbul this weekend. Heard the weather will be terrible though.

Guess what.. The Dutchman actually joined the gym last week and we have been going every other day. This obviously works for me as well as the hardest part for me is actually leaving the house:D I joined Healthcity with Melissa in February but went only about once every 2 weeks, despite having an 'all-inclusive' pass. Dutchman and I have been pretty healthy the last week or so;)

Some bad news: The mother of the little girl I care for was laid off last week. I still have my job but I wouldn't be surprise if I were to lose it if she doesn't find something soon. I guess we won't starve or something but I like being able to eat out, go on holidays and do fun stuff so I guess it 's time for me to keep an eye out for another position (but I'll take it ONLY if I lose this one!).

Whoops, movie. BBL

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