Thursday, 9 April 2009

My Sad Cake

I am a midnight baker. I bake after midnight as a way to relax. Last night (or this morning?), I tried to make a Honey Kasutera (Castella) which is a cake I ate often in Japan. I thought the recipe looked somewhat strange (more like a soufle than a cake)but hey, it was easy and I had all the ingredients.

The cake looked and smelled absolutely gorgeous. There's just something about looking at a perfectly formed cake.

I went to use the computer.

Went to the kitchen to check if it had cooled down. My poor cake. Oh, my poor,poor cake had shrivelled up into a sunken, strange looking mass. I went to bed, grumpy.

I woke up this morning and wanted to throw it away but of course, a cake is a cake and you never not try cake. That was probably the best decision I made all morning. It tasted AMAZING. It's the fugliest cake you'll ever see (the moist sediment thing at the bottom is just honey) but it was so good. The Dutchman lapped it up like a starving dog (the Dutchman is NOT a dessert person). We scarfed the entire loaf;) Mmm MM MMmmmmmm

Yesterday's Dinner

Roast Chicken with garlic bread and a balsamico salad

Tonight: Sushi with the girls again!

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