Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dinner at a Michelin Star Restaurant

We had a lovely dinner at the Schultenhues last week. We went there for the first time last year and while the food was better then, the atmosphere was a little strained. This time, they seem to have toned down the "pfaffness" and the fact that we were a table of 6 probably helped as well!

Despite taking pictures of every course, about half of my pictures are missing -probably because I used a different iPhone app which required me to actively save a picture as opposed to the normal "Camera" app which saves every photo you take automatically!

We started with beautifully made amusé s- squid and mushroom macarons, kroepoe of carrot and sauerkraut and onion madelaines (aperitifs were cava and wines. Later realized I should've ordered champagne since the Moet was cheap. The Dom Perignon was retailing at 30 euro per flute). Then, we were served a foamy sort of horseradish on a small bed of beetroot.

First course
Freshwater Eel (Paling) ,2 ways. Photo above is the terrine with lardo. The 2nd picture wasn't saved- that was a perfectly round tomato-ey eel. Very pretty, very fresh and yummy. 

Second Course

Red Mullet with I don't know what (really should take notes next time!). It was tasty. (Accompanied by Saumur Loire)

Third Course (main)

Wild Duck from the National Park with some beeroot-ish sides. Again, very tasty and pretty looking. We ate it with a "Arco di Giovi merlot & corvina",which went very well with the duck.

This is only half of the dessert! The other picture disappeared as well:/ Dessert was a lemon melisse soufflĂ© with a lemony vanilla sorbet and some pistachio-y uhm creation. 
All in all, the dinner was good and not too expensive (150 euro per couple). The food last year was much better (was also more fitting to spring) but it wasn't bad at all this time. Our guests were very happy and would like to go there again. The only disappointment was not getting any "friandises" with our coffee/tea. On our last visit there, we'd received a beautiful and very interesting array of friandises. That was one of my favourite parts of the meal ( honestly, we had no idea what we were supposed to do with those things but we slowly figured it out and it was definitely different yet delicious).  We thought the lack of anything to go with the coffee wasn't quite fitting for a Michelin star restaurant but hey, can't complain he. 


Esmee said...

Were the dishes enough to satisfy ur tummy :-p ? I mean, were they filling ?

Seri Nyonya said...

sorry for not replying earlier!

definitely satisfying. while the portions were really small, we were full (but not in the overstuffed way). it's like eating a really good bon bon instead of a bar of Cadbury milk ^^