Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I Love Spring

Blueberry Muffins, ugly but tasty. Don't think my European friends are all that familiar with blueberry muffins because 2 of them asked (on separate occasions) if there was marijuana inside (before they ate them)...

Had the oddest (for me anyway) 2-hour drinking session with my friend and 2 teachers yesterday. My friend and I stopped by the college pub for a drink after a meeting and one of our teachers asked if he could join us. The other came later. I think that's the difference with Malaysia. Malaysian teachers would never join us for a beer (generally, teachers aren't even encouraged to smoke in front of students and have such frank non-school related subjects.. I mean , it even included sex (not in a gross way). Anyway, my friend and I had quite a good time and we finished off with bad sushi at the local fake Japanese All-You-Can-Eat joint. 

Had dinner out with the Dutchman today to 'celebrate'(ok, honestly I was just too lazy to cook la) the first day we're eating al fresco in Holland this year. We were too lazy to walk far so we decided to try Cafe Mahler at the Velperplein. It's really reasonable! Our bill was only 31 euro!! 

Zeewolf (kind of fish, have no idea what it's called in English) with Shiitake sauce on a bed of roast vegetables. Frites on the side

 Dutchman ordered Chicken Saté 

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