Monday, 19 July 2010

2 more weeks

We lost the final match but the Dutch team deserved it. They played terribly and I found it a very boring match. I didn't watch it at Museumplein so didn't bother taking pictures!

I don't have school anymore and I worked for the last time (in NL) last week so I am truly free til next week! Can't wait for our vacation next week. Not really looking forward to the separation with Dutchman at the end of August but also quite excited about my internship.

Unfortunately, there will be no pictures of food we had last week because I just updated my iPhone without backing up and all my pictures since my last back up disappeared. Very lazy about cooking so we'd have lots of lousy deliveries (Food delivery services are very limited in Arnhem- they all sell pizza and crap like shoarma) and also a dinner at the Fushion Food Cafe. Starter was OK but the mains were very disappointing. We both had beef (Dutchman had steak with chorizos and I had Creole-style Tournado's) and his in particular was very, very tough. I just couldn't stop laughing because I had a bite and had to chew on that piece of meat for 20 minutes. Ridiculous. Plus, it wasn't exactly cheap as well- 70 euros for 2 mains and 2 starters.

Dutchman's not very busy this week so I'm guessing we'll be drinking lots of rosé at the park and barbecuing on the balcony. Might as well have a nice time- this is pretty much the only private time we are going to have this year because our trip to Malaysia, Cambodia and Hong Kong will be accompanied by in-laws, parents or friends.

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