Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Being typically Asian, I always ask friends and family what they want me to bring along when I go back to Malaysia. Initially, I would bring all sorts of rubbish as no one knew what they liked from The Netherlands. I brought rookworst (smoked sausages), cheese, cookies and of course, loads of chocolates. These days, my family and friends know exactly what they want. I always bring:

i) Milk chocolate peanut clusters (loads of them, about 1.5kg)
ii) Stroopwafels for friends (they love them. My family hates them. 20 packets which I kid you not, is 8kg!)
iii) Nuts for the family (bloody expensive, 4+ euros for a tiny box and I hate eating them. I buy about 1,5kg)
iv) Bonne Maman no-added-sugar jam for my diabetic uncles and dad (about 4-6 jars each time)
v) Martell Cordon Bleu XO for my dad (standard request but only if it's cheaper than the duty-free stores in Malaysia). Think my dad is collecting them for my brother's wedding or something.
vi) Small amount of chocolates (the family goes to Australia quite often so have loads of chocolate. Also, Malaysia sells pretty much the same brands as supermarkets in NL)
vii) Small amount of cookies (not this time though)
viii) 1-2 bottles of wine each time (usually rosé  as that's harder to get back home). That said, truth be told, the Dutchman and I usually end up drinking all of it.

Luckily, all I ever need to wear in Malaysia is shorts, t-shirts and some bikinis....

What do you usually take home for your friends/family?

What I baked yesterday:

Carrot Bundt in the shape of a rose, topped with cream cheese icing

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Anonymous said...

I would typically bring some swiss chocolates.