Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Price Tag Shock

The Dutchman and I plan on getting married in 2012 (if I were to be completely honest, I am feeling so lazy and I feel that a wedding is going to be so pointless although I AM looking forward to the pretty dress and party...) . Yes, 2012 is ages away but we have to give our Dutch friends and family 1 year notice so that they can save and go to Malaysia for our wedding. We would have to save for the wedding and finally, in Malaysia, wedding venues get booked up pretty quickly.

Due to us not wanting a typical Chinese wedding dinner,we will have to foot the bill ourselves (at Chinese weddings, the couple will get "angpows"- packets filled with money). My parents will probably throw a Chinese wedding dinner for their friends and family so I think it's only fair they keep all the money for that as well.

We thought +- RM50 000 (+- 10 000 euro, depending on the exchange rate. This figure includes the dress, decoration, food, wine.. basically everything besides the flights + accomodation) would be enough for a maximum of 50 people. But no, it would cost a lot more than that in a hotel in Langkawi. Who would've thought Malaysia would be so expensive?! If it were up to the Dutchman, we'd have a Dutch-style wedding with soup, deep fried snacks and everyone drinking out of a plastic cup, but that is just something I CANNOT stand. I wouldn't even throw a birthday party with just Unox or Honig soup.. Ugh.

Dinner at this hotel will be RM400 per person. No drinks. No wine. Decoration : from RM8500 on wards. Worse still, they require you to book 8 rooms for  minimum of 2 nights. One night is at least RM2000 per room. Unfortunately, we don't have any rich friends or family so doubt anyone will want to do that.

OK, I guess this one's out of the window for now.

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