Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Eating Out

everyday is so expensive when you need to take a cab as well. Taxi fares are fixed and I spend RM16 a day just on the taxi, another RM10 for the food and perhaps RM4 on a drink. I get free WiFi. Alternatively, I can spend RM20 on the cab and perhaps RM5 for fried noodles+a drink but without WiFi. Thank goodness for my Dutch study grant. Initially I thought I would have a ball with my grant but due to the high cost of food, taxi and other miscellaneous items like bedspreads, cutlery and what-not, it pretty much leaves me with just enough to fly to KL once in a while.

Regarding the internship, it's going pretty well. My colleagues are nice and my boss is really quite encouraging and helpful with teaching me how things work. I must say that I really enjoy business lunches!!! I don't usually take pictures of these lunches though as I don't think that's very professional:-P I like the fact that I actually like what we are selling. So much more satisfying than selling stainless steel pipes or something;-)

Last week, I went to Langkawi with my parents. Langkawi is really so much prettier than I remembered. I always scoff when people go to Langkawi because come on, qua beaches and snorkelling, Langkawi is rubbish compared to the islands on the east coast.  The nature in Langkawi is lovely, it's still relatively undeveloped, the locals are friendly and quite honest. It possesses a certain mystical charm, perhaps caused by limestone islands and the green water. I love that there are so many hornbills there, living literally outside our window. Monkeys are another common sight.

 -pulau beras basah/ island of wet rice-

I think my parents had a pretty nice time as well and we're going again in January- this time with the Dutchman;-)

Whoops, what's a food blog without food?! I am just so bad at taking photos when we eat out. I eat out everyday but only have a couple pictures.

Oh right! I also know where Dutchman and I are going to get married now;-)

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