Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fraser's Hill

The MIL loves everything British- tea, pretty China plates, Laura Ashley and afternoon tea so we brought them to Fraser's Hill. We had wanted to go to Cameron Highlands. However, the bungalow there is under renovation and Cameron Highlands can be quite crowded. We didn't regret our decision to go to Fraser's Hill because it was so quiet and pretty. We were probably 1 of the 3 groups/couples there.

Our bungalow (photo taken from the HRH website)

 The view from our bungalow. Gorgeous! Definitely NOT child-friendly though
No idea.

Jeriau Falls

We also had afternoon tea at Ye Olde Smokehouse but while the place is very charming, RM9 for a lousy cappuccino (half the size of Starbucks) is a bit much for a decaying place. 

The bungalow also provides catering. For dinner, we had a 3-course meal (mushroom soup, chicken chop and strawberry pancakes, RM18 p.p.) and breakfast was 2 eggs and chicken sausages (RM8? p.p.).

HRH Bungalows also has other bungalows in Fraser's Hills in their portfolio. The one we stayed in cost RM1000 per night (weekends)/ RM500 (weekdays). It's quite old inside so don't expect anything fancy but I will say that I liked it very much. The view is worth it:-)

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mika85 said...

Hi, i'm Mika here...may i know the contact no for the bungalow accomodation?