Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pulau Lang Tengah

Lang Tengah was once a very quiet, laid back island. So quiet that there were just 2 other couples other than  ourselves.
-sari pacifica beach-
Not anymore. When we were there, the resort (D'Coconut Lagoon) was completely full with Dutch and Italian tourists. The coral in the area was in a sorry state, although this is probably attributed to global warming which caused cloral bleaching and led the Malaysian authorities to closing some of the islands within the marine protection zone such as Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, Pulau Payar (which belongs to Langkawi), Pulau Tengol and so forth.

There were not as many colourful fish as before. I remember when we first went there in 2007, we saw such a huge variety. I saw colourful rays, brightly coloured fish, Nemo's, sharks and even a pod whale. Mind you, I didn't even dive, just snorkled off the beach. We still had a nice time though.

We swam, we snorkled, we drank heaps of cocktails and we talked. Lots. *sigh* I miss the Dutchman right now.

Honestly, don't really remember what the 4 of us did over there. Most days, we'd wake up, have breakfast and then snorkle for a bit. Then, we'd shower and just hang out til it was time to go to bed.
 -seri nyonya in paradise-
Travel Tip: Don't go to D'Coconut, instead go to Sari Pacifica. While D'Coconut looks nice enough in pictures, it is dirty (yellow water in the bathroom, smelly toilet, bedbugs etc.) and just somehow.. not very professional (few staff, things not working properly etc.).

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